About Go Connections

Founded by Steve Bodtenberg and Steve Gaston, two already successful networkers in the world of business, they saw the need to provide a service to help people network locally, nationally, and globally without breaking the bank.

About Go Connections

Local, National & International Online Networking with Go Connections

Go Connections began as a way for fellow business people to communicate without the need for travelling, all held over the internet using the Zoom Platform. Initially only a handful of online networking events were planned, however as the saying goes, ‘From little Acorns…’ We now boast over 100+ online networking events every month, and these include countries such as the UK, USA, Ireland South Africa, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Australia and more. We are a truly global networking event service, with more countries being added on a regular basis. We have also launched our Go Connections Local for UK members where you can meet and collaborate with businesses in your own county, such as Lancashire, Essex and Yorkshire being the first to launch and more following soon. These are available as a small additional cost to our normal monthly fee.

achieve your business goals

Collaborate & Achieve Your Business Goals.

As a platform that can connect you to the right people and help you tap into the resources your business needs, or can offer other businesses, Go Connections is the number one platform to connect, collaborate and achieve your business goals.

Low Cost Membership

As well as a low membership starting from £15 per month (an additional £5 per month for Go Connections Local), we also provide an amazing referral program where you are paid £5 per month for each person you refer that becomes a member of our Go Connections networking platform, in fact, some of our members are more than covering their own costs doing so. This is all included in your monthly membership.

Webinars & Workshops

We also periodically run webinars and workshops to help develop your business, increase your business acumen, and learn from others, whilst giving you a chance to share your knowledge and success with fellow businesses.

From Little Acorns to a Mighty Oak.

As Go Connections grows, and becomes a Mighty Oak in the business world, so can your business through the power of online networking, locally, nationally, and internationally.

Why is Business Networking Important for Every Business?

Business networking is essential for any business, as it allows companies to build strong relationships with other businesses, potential customers and industry insiders.

It provides the opportunity to exchange knowledge, ideas and resources that can be used to help each other grow.

Networking also allows businesses to create a larger presence in the marketplace, leading to increased visibility and brand recognition, which can help businesses to attract new customers and increase sales.

Additionally, networking helps businesses to stay informed of new industry trends, technologies and regulations, as well as to develop and strengthen their competitive advantages.

Ultimately, Go Connections online business networking can provide businesses with the opportunity to expand their reach, make valuable connections, and gain a competitive edge on their competition.