Would You Like A Revenue Share?

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Revenue Share

  • Your Own Dashboard to Monitor Your Share Of The Revenue
  • £5 or bbx5 Per Month if Active
  • No Restrictions - As Many Active Members that you wish
  • Just Bring 3 Active Affiliate Members using your link

Would You Like A Revenue Share

If you are an Affiliate Member of Go Connections you will have access to your own Affiliate Dashboard.

On that dashboard will be your own dedicated link that you will send to your invites.

If they also become an Affiliate Member using your link you will receive £5.00 every month as long as they and you are and active Affiliate Member.

If you are a BBX Affiliate Member you will receive bbx5 every month as per the process above.

We believe that Networking Should Be Simple but also that everyone should benefit in the Revenue Earned.

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